Arts night out
is Lansing's new
Friday Night

Picture this…

It’s Friday night and people are looking for something local and new to do. They’re looking for the perfect mix of creative people and ideas - street art, pop-up theatre, local music, distinctive exhibits, performances, dance and so much more. They want to wander the streets and gather in small shops, galleries, offices, alleyways, parking lots, bars and museums, dense with diverse people, culture and design.

Where does this happen? Every other month on a select Friday night, art will be popping up in Old Town Lansing to do just that, giving residents and visitors the opportunity to really get to know this neighborhood and its people. And it is all free.


Facilitated by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing and presented in partnership with our local commercial association, we are hoping that you will jump in and become a SPONSOR of this collaborative and creative mash-up of art, business, and community!

ARTS NIGHT OUT is an every other month event that invites people to visit Old Town Lansing to experience urban space and creativity in unexpected ways. ARTS NIGHT OUT will fill our neighborhood with mini-galleries and pop-up experiences.