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There’s nothing to do!!!!

It’s Friday night in Lansing, and you’re looking for something local and fun to do. You’re looking for the perfect mix of creative people and ideas -- street art, pop-up theatre, local music, distinctive exhibits, performances, dance and so much more – and you’re looking for it to happen at your favorite places all at the same time. You want to wander and gather in small shops, galleries, offices, alleyways, parking lots, bars and coffee shops, dense with diverse people, culture and ideas.

This is Arts Night Out and it pops up in Lansing’s Old Town neighborhood every other month, giving you the opportunity to really get to know your city and its people.

This is a new Friday night – your night, your art, your place. This is Arts Night Out.

If you want something exciting, accommodating and boundless—something that draws you into places new and old

​ --​ Arts Night Out does it.

Presented by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, Arts Night Out was launched in May 2016 and is a bi-monthly event to expand and experience urban space and creativity in unexpected ways.

Consider a courtyard filled with live music and Bonsai art. ​Picture the local bike shop turned scrap art gallery and the pub re-vamped into a spokenword speakeasy. Imagine street art, corner buskers, flower carts and food trucks. Picture your favorite art gallery partnering with a neighboring coffeehouse to present the swirling deliciousness of foam art.

​This is Arts Night Out.​

Arts Night Out is building collaborative and inherently creative mash-ups, and we want you to take part any way you can. Join us!​