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Upcycled Material
More about: Andrew Sandstedt

Andrew Sandstedt is a Lansing artist whose works are well-known at Old Town Scrapfest. “As an artist in long term recovery, I chose to create pieces that are composed of at least 75t% reclaimed and/or repurposed materials. I truly believe that I have been given many second chances in life, and I approach my art the same way. Beauty often lies in the reshaping and restoration process. I enjoy the challenge of creating pieces that blend styles and mediums within a theme. Many of my pieces reflect the notion of struggle, growth, and redemption in both figurative and literal ways. I believe that working within self directed confines produces some of the most beautiful and innovative results.”

As always there will be free samples of local goods! 

408 E Cesar Chavez Ave
Lansing MI 48906