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Odd Nodd Art Supply Presents: Cecilia Garcia-Linz
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About Cecilia Garcia-Linz


I am an artist, activist and mom who began creating art with her children at places like REACH Studio Art Center in Lansing, Michigan.

I am passionate about environmental conservation, equity,  social and racial justice.

I’m excited to help others find affordable and accessible ways to tap into their own creativity.

I also love collaborating with other artists and exchanging materials

I recycle far more materials than I create with, mostly using only materials unfit for recycling.

Artist Statement:

The mission of Enviro-Mental Art is to create art that is accessible and affordable to all while elevating environmental, social and racial justice, economic and political issues using discarded materials.

A large percentage of "waste" in our landfills could have been reused, recycled or composted to conserve our dwindling resources. The pieces I create are assembled almost entirely from rescued materials that were either discarded in the environment, headed to the landfill or misdirected to recycling stations-including hardware, adhesives and finishes. A number of pieces are created from my son's broken toys to avoid throwing them in the trash.  Occasionally an element was purchased at a yard sale or thrift store when I could not scavenge the necessary component to complete a project.

317 E. Cesar E. Chavez Ave.
Lansing Michigan 48906