October Moon Home Stay

October Moon Presents Joe Smalley Photography
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Some nights are better than others.

Arts Nights Out in Lansing Old Town welcome the community May 6, 5-8pm.

October Moon will be hosting one of my favorite people and artist, Joe Smalley, for Old Town’s Arts Night Out.

The venue address is different than the known October Moon store. Instead, join us at 208 E. Cesar Chavez, side entrance (by parking lot). You will get a sneak preview of the beginnings of October Moon Home Stay.

Joe Smalley - Photographer

Artists’ statements are the worst. Hopefully you don’t buy photos, sculptures, or paintings because of the artist statement, you buy art because you like it. Because it speaks to you. Because it is worth your hard-earned money and worthy of being displayed in your space.

That being said, it is nice to learn something about the person who created the piece that you may purchase. Ok. I’ll give.

I was born and raised around the corner in East Lansing. While I’ve spent most of my life in Mid-Michigan, I have lived in some pretty cool places, and I love to travel. I return home with memories in the form of photographs. I tend to go for landscapes. I enjoy symmetry. My eye is drawn to patterns. I’m not a trained photographer, I just shoot what I like. In fact, my real job is in finance, not taking pictures. Because my livelihood does not depend on selling these photos, I will send 25% of all profits generated from this show to the UN Refugee Agency to help with the displacement of millions of people from the Ukraine. Even if you don’t buy a photo, please consider making a donation; every dollar helps.

I hope you like what you see.

208 E César E. Chávez Ave (2nd Flr, Side Entrance)
Lansing MI 48906