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Julian Van Dyke

JULIAN VAN DYKE was commissioned and warded last year's City of East Lansing Grove Alley Mural Project: he participated in the Arts Council of Greater Lansing's Art Residency in the Schools (North School Mural), volunteers through the Junior Achievement and independently.

This past January through March, his work was exhibited at the Humanities Art Center at Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, he was cast in Riverwalk Theatre's award-winning production of Bud, not Buddy a two-week show at the Keys to Creativity that featured images from the play, paints at outside events (2018 Solstice Jazzfest and Armory Jazzfete) ending with his grand retrospective exhibition show at the META COLLECTIVE gallery near Old Town in Lansing, MI. His mural work can be found on several buildings including the Hotwaterworks building and the Jerusalem Bakery on Michigan Avenue in Lansing. He has authored children's books: The Things We Do At My School, The Music We Call Jazz, Junteenth Celebrating Freedom, and So You Think You Can Color?

Karin Barbee

A writer and painter living in Adrian, MI. Her most recent work is a series titled LandEscapes, which explores the way landscapes are perceived by a viewer in motion. Her work has appeared in Collidescope, Oddville Press, and AbstractMagazineTV.com. More of her work can be seen at KarinWraleyBarbeeStudio.weebly.com

Greg Domagalski

Greg holds a dual bachelor's degree in photography and graphic design from Michigan State University. His friendly, contemporary, and innovative shooting style has made him a favorite among couples, businesses, and families throughout the area. He enjoys travel and can masterfully photograph your event, whether it is a local or international celebration. With his vast years of worldwide assignment photography experience, he can make any event special. Please don't hesitate to contact him with inquiries about destination weddings and events at your favorite locations.

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