Amy Dua

Amy Dua was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, with a loving and supportive family and a mother who always told her that with hard work she could accomplish anything. Amy has always adored children, and in fact Amy's grandfather used to refer to her as the "pied piper of children" because of how she always played and engaged with all of the kids at family gatherings. Amy attended the State University of New York-College at Brockport for her undergraduate degree, graduating with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Political Science. Amy went on to attend law school at Michigan State University where she graduated cum laude and shortly thereafter, opened a private practice with her fellow classmate, who later became her husband. Amy began to focus her law practice in the area of juvenile law, representing hundreds, if not thousands, of children in the abuse and neglect system, as well as, in juvenile delinquency matters. She later focused on representing children, incapacitated adults, and developmentally disabled individuals in guardianship matters. After having their fourth child, Amy decided with the support of her husband that she would publish the beautiful children's book that she had written. Amy had been writing poetry, greeting cards and even speeches for family members, and others upon request since she was a little girl, and one day she sat down to write out her idea for a children's book. Each of her four children helped in different ways in the illustrating and publishing of her first book, "Woe is Me...It's Autumn. Amy could never have accomplished her dream of writing and illustrating without the love, support and encouragement of her husband. Amy has an avid love for books and is beyond excited for parents, teachers, and loved ones to be able to sit down and read her books to the little ones in their lives. Look out for the next book in the series, "Woe is Me...It's Spring!"