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The Sides of Me
Painting, illustration, body painting
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[Lansing, MI] – Get ready to embark on an artistic journey like no other at the Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art (MICA) as the remarkable artist Sera Reneé of Contrasted Content proudly presents "The Sides Of Me," a spellbinding art exhibit featuring body paint models & mannequins, as well as traditional art on canvas. This highly-anticipated event promises to deliver an unforgettable experience, drawing visitors from far and wide to Lansing for a unique artistic immersion. Join Sera Reneé on October 6th and 7th, 2023 for this exclusive showcase which will be held at the prestigious Michigan Institute for Contemporary Art, nestled in Old Town at 1210 Turner Rd, Lansing, MI 48906.

"The Sides Of Me" promises to push the boundaries of artistry by offering visitors an opportunity to witness artistic expressions that are typically reserved for international galleries, and larger art cities. Attendees will be treated to a visual feast featuring human body paint models and fully painted mannequins, offering a mesmerizing exploration of the human form and the depths of artistic imagination.

Event Highlights:

Step into the enigmatic world of Sera Reneé's artistry, where contrasting elements of creativity converge. "The Sides Of Me" not only presents her latest releases but also grants a glimpse into her earlier works, including the thought-provoking "The Horrors of Love" and the introspective "The Pieces of Me." This event is a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of an artist's soul on a variety of canvases.

Engaging Activities:

Immerse yourself in art like never before with interactive body painting, sculptural masterpieces, and insightful installations that provoke deep contemplation. Sera Reneé's art transcends the ordinary, offering a profound exploration of both the light and dark aspects of life through her breathtaking creations.

Target Audience:

Friday evening's event is tailor-made for families seeking an enthralling artistic experience, while Saturday's affair is designed for young adults and art enthusiasts with a penchant for dark and evocative art. Friday’s body paint coverage will be appropriate for all audiences, while Saturday’s body paint coverage is only appropriate for an audience 18 years of age or older. "The Sides Of Me" caters to a diverse audience, from seasoned art connoisseurs to the simply curious; there's something here for everyone.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking art exhibit, where you'll witness artistry that transcends boundaries and ignites your imagination. Join us at MICA on October 6th and 7th for "The Sides Of Me" by Sera Reneé, an event that promises to be the art experience of a lifetime.

1210 Turner St.
Lansing MI 48933