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Children's Book Highlight: The Business of Beans
Storytelling, Illustration
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Come by and meet local Author Lisa Mulka and local Illustrator Elisa Schmidt as they showcase their newly published children's book, The Business of Beans: A Young Entrepreneur’s Story in Tanzania.

The Business of Beans: A Young Entrepreneur’s Story in Tanzania is the recipient of the 2017 Children’s Book of the Year award from the Institute for Financial Literacy. Readers meet Juma, a motivated young boy living on the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, and travel with him in this lyrical story as he starts and grows a new business. This book is a must have for the littles in your life that you want to teach about the world and entrepreneurship. The award-winning story features financial literacy themes (earn, save, spend, invest, and give), an introduction to Tanzanian culture and geography, and Swahili language.

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