What's up! My name is Joseph Washington, and I am a rising, upcoming Music Artist & Musician from Michigan. I am currently 20 years old, and I am blessed to call Lansing, MI home as I have grown up in this city all of my life! I've been in the field of music for 17 years so far! Studying, performing and producing! By utilizing various styles & genres of music from Pop, R&B, Gospel, Soul, Funk, Rock, Jazz to many more, the goal of bringing the community together to create a positive, loving and uplifting impact in the world is the task at hand as I spread my music & begin to perform all over the WORLD!!!

From banging on the church piano at the age of 3 after service hysterically, to releasing my very first single ever in the fall of 2022, music has been very influential in my life... Gaining experience from using my gift of music by singing in Carnegie Hall with the "MSU's Young Men's Choir", playing piano at various college festivals/competitions, serving local businesses with music while people wine and dine, and more, are only a fraction of the joy, happiness and experiences I've been able to encounter in my life because of music! What makes me unique you may wonder? My passion and love to use be creative, give back to the community and give others opportunities to experience the burning yet exciting sensation music has given me by welcoming collaborations, new ideas, new team members and new opportunities for us all to win & grow together!

As I continue to create new hits for the world to enjoy with encouraging messages of hope, love and peace, be on the lookout for upcoming shows, tours, album releases, music videos and more! I would love for you to be apart of this journey with me as we continue to grow and expand! Please drop a follow on my social media platforms, check out my music and sign up below to stay up to date on big announcements you do not want to miss!! Thank you so much! Lets do this!